Practice makes perfect

To each his own way to progress

Need to get back into sport?
Have you just finished your sessions with your physiotherapist but still don’t feel comfortable going back to sport on your own?

As a coach and movement specialist, my aim is to motivate you and help you regain your physical strength after a period of inactivity or rehabilitation.

Training takes place outdoors, at your home or via skype.
Travel only in the canton of Fribourg & Vaud

Small group | 1h | 40 CHF per person

You want to exercise, but you don’t like the idea of doing it alone? Share the sessions with your friends, partner or family.

Training in a small group (max. 4 people) will give you the motivation you need to be as effective as possible thanks to the cohesion and energy of the group.

Functional Training | 1h | 80 CHF

Personalized coaching, adapted to your needs and goals.

The trainings are adapted according to your capacities and/or injuries, you will always be supervised during the session.

– Mobility
– Proprioception/balance
– Strengthening of muscles
– Stretching

Your muscles and brain will be stimulated differently with each workout.

Cardio / Hiit workout | 1H | 80 CHF

If you need to unwind, clear your head and/or have fun, this workout is for you.

The “Cardio / Hiit workout” will help you improve your physical condition.

Together we will work on your endurance, stamina, strength, speed, coordination and agility.

Exceed your limits!

Mobilization | 1H | 80 CHF

If you feel stiffness in certain parts of your body, pain, or conversely too much flexibility, mobilization will be a benefit to you.

In the mobility sessions we will work mainly on:

– Range of motion

– Motor control

– Strength

Accompaniment | 1H | 60 CHF

If you need someone to make you feel safe, or to support you on your walks, this service is for you.

Whether you are an older person, or an injured person or athlete, I will accompany you throughout your journey to provide support in case of problems (difficulties when climbing, difficulties with stairs etc..)

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Videoconference | 1H | 50 CHF | (30' - 30 CHF)

If you are going on vacation and still want to continue your sessions, this option is for you.

This method allows you to:

– to have a private coaching wherever you are in the world
– not be contaminated if your coach is sick.

We adapt to you:

Skype, zoom, facetime, don’t hesitate to tell us what software you use.

( Possibility to do by 30 minutes : 30 CHF )

5-session pack (pay directly for 5 sessions and receive a 10% discount on the total cost of the 5 sessions)
Payment: In cash after the session or by invoice at the end of each month (bank transfer or twint)

programme Expression studio
Training programs (PDF) | 40 CHF

Each program is individually designed to meet your specific needs, whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your body or improve your sporting performance.

Whether you prefer to train at home or in a club, the sessions are tailored to the location you choose. Set your own pace with flexible programs available from 1 to 7 times a week.



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