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Coaching by skype – London
I am extremely satisfied with my interaction with N. for the following reasons:
1. She adapts the programme to my abilities.
2. She’s demanding but always makes sure I’m comfortable during the sessions.
3. It is one-off.
4. She is very knowledgeable in her field and usually explains the purpose of each exercise during our sessions.
5. She has a good sense of humour and that makes the sessions less of a burden.


Coaching by skype – Switzerland

I started the sessions initially because I had back problems and also to get back into sport gently after a long break. After 5-6 sessions I really feel an improvement, I have less pain in my lower back.
Since I have a busy job, working out for 30 minutes by video, during my break and between two appointments, is perfect!

N. is very attentive to my well being and to the difficulties or pains I might feel during the session. She does not force me if, she is very careful that I do not hurt myself.
What I also like is the variety of exercises offered, you never get bored! The sessions can be “soft” or more energetic; if the day is tiring it’s good to know that you can prevent it and it adapts the intensity of the exercises, it still allows you to do your workout without being completely drained at the end (I would even say that it gives you more energy afterwards)

I really recommend her as a coach, she is very dedicated, listens and will give 100% to make a program adapted to each person.


Coaching by skype – Switzerland

Hello, to tell you the truth, my back hurts a lot less now.

So super efficient! The exercises were well chosen and targeted. Although rough, but necessary. I find that you explain very well and you control really well what I do, which is not obvious by camera

It was really great for me

And the teacher, so nice tongue-out


Coaching by skype – Switzerland/Italy

Ehhhh N.,

Thank you for your skype trainings! I can continue to do good wherever I am and thanks to you I don’t miss my appointments with myself!

Your programs are personalized and target my needs, it’s precious!
Can’t wait for our next appointment!


Home coaching – Switzerland

Under the skilled guidance of my trainer’s gymnastics exercises, my musculoskeletal system stabilized.

The back pain has decreased massively and the body is much more stable.

N. is very professional and adapts to my needs.

The gym exercises in private were more than beneficial and I highly recommend it.

Live the experience!

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